Free Mind Hacks

If It Disturbs You, Change Your Mind

Anything that disturbs you is a clue.

See it that way.

Then look for the cause. Ask yourself why it disturbs you and when was the first time you experienced it.

Often the answer is silly and nonsensical. It’s always something you think or believe.

Then change it.

Or at least stop or minimize your focus on it…

Evil Is NOT a Force

Understand that evil is NOT a force.

What we call evil is just the lack of light. Like a shadow.

As a shadow is the consequence of blocking the light, evil is the term for unconscious people that act against others.

When you are conscious you cannot harm others because you understand that harming others ultimately harms yourself.

Also, there is no need, because when you are conscious you have a high vibration and anything you need will manifest for you as you need it.

This mind hack will help you move with more compassion towards the light. 

Start with Acceptance

The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

So, if you always end at acceptance, why not start there?

Denial and bargaining are wasteful and unhealthy mental activities and anger and depression are unhealthy, low frequency emotions.

I’ve been doing this for decades so it seems quite easy and it will for you too with a bit of practice.

Simply notice when you deny what is, bargain, are angry or depressed, then look for what you are not accepting and accept it.

It’s way easier and healthier than you may think. And you’ll have more energy because you’ll stop wasting it.

Better Self Talk

Unhealthy, unwanted, unnecessary, divisive, limiting, ineffective and disempowering self talk causes low frequency vibrations.

Low frequency vibrations attract negative, unhealthy and unwanted people, circumstances and experiences into your life.

This drains your energy and propels you downwards towards disease, destruction, decay and death.

Overly dramatic, maybe? True, definitely.

The Power of Yes

This is one of the easiest mind hacks to implement.

Simply become aware of each time you say “No”.

Saying “NO” feeds the ego. Saying “Yes” expands your universe.

Start saying “Yes” more frequently.

I’m not telling you to be careless or unsafe, but be aware of how often you needlessly say no because of fear or some other excuse.

Start saying “yes” and watch all the amazing things that start happening in your life. That’s how easy it is!