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It’s Your Choice: Friend, Lover or an Enemy

Did you know it’s your choice? If someone hurts you, it’s likely more about them than you anyway. But if you decide that you will be their friend and love them despite their actions, it’s to your benefit. And theirs too. Make no mistake, it’s a choice. You are likely not consciously choosing. Ask yourself, if it’s conscious or emotional.

How to Eliminate Guilt

Guilt is feeling bad about the same thing over and over again. Feel bad only once. Use it as a clue to learn and grow. Then accept and move on. Conscious mind mastery is the skill you need.

Past and Future Thinking are BIG Clues

If you are constantly thinking, you will always be missing the present moment. Learn how to stop your mind. It’s critical to your well being. Meditation means conscious non thinking. It’s never too late or too early to start.

Wanting, Wishing And Hoping

These are all examples of scarcity mentality. They are a big reason why, and that which is stopping you from getting what you want.

Congratulate Yourself

This is a simple mind hack anyone can do. Simply congratulate yourself for wins. It starts as most hacks do with being aware. When you notice a win, congratulate yourself and feel “good”. Really FEEL it. That’s key. This can be most beneficial when leveraged to increase something that you want more of in your life. For example, say that you have a new job selling widgets and although you haven’t sold any yet, you made an appointment with a lead. Congratulate yourself for that win and feel good. Now that you feel good, you’ll have a higher vibrational frequency and you will increase your likelihood of making the sale. You can leverage this for anything that you want more of in your life. Read my Blueprint or take my Advanced Training Program.

The World Is Perfect

You are where you are supposed to be and the world is perfect. Stop fighting what is. You are making more problems for yourself by fighting it. Your interpretation and perspective is not perfect.

You Are the Master

You have the infinite power and intelligence at your disposal, for your pleasure and growth. Understand this! Believe this, then know this.

A Unique Expression of Source

The worldly you is a unique expression of the infinite power and intelligence of the universe. You are the source in the same way a wave is the ocean. Not separate, just an expression in form.

Mind Mastery

Mind mastery is what you do if you want peace, liberation and/or to create the life of your dreams.

Look For What Feels Good

When you look for what feels good, you will find what feels good. When you find what feels good, appreciate it. When you appreciate and are grateful for what feels good, you’ll attract more of it into your life. If, by chance, you don’t believe you have anything to feel good about. Start with imagination. Imagine how you would feel if you had the good feel in your life. Imagine it fully. Feel it, smell it, taste it. Make it as real as possible. It will then start manifesting into your life. It has to, by law!

Compliments Not Opposites

Here’s another great mind hack to improve your understanding of the world and ultimately improve your life. Start contemplating everything that you currently see as opposites, look and see how they are two sides of the same coin. Notice the effects of this mind shift on your belief systems and life in general.

I Am A Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience

This is a more difficult mind hack due to the fact that it may not arise as often as other hacks. Therefore you will likely forget about it unless it has some major importance in your life. Plus this belief invades and is subtly encompassed into many other beliefs you have. Namely, you identify as a human being. But, however long it takes to cultivate, understand that you are NOT a human being seeking a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Anytime You Hear Words

You are not in the present moment anytime you think or hear words. This is simply a big clue.

Fix the Defective Mental Software

Stop unhealthy, unwanted, unnecessary, divisive, limiting, ineffective and disempowering thoughts, beliefs and activities. Read my Blueprint or take my Advanced Training Program.

Whatever You Believe Will Be Confirmed with Experiential Evidence

You have thoughts and when you repeat them enough, they become beliefs. When you have beliefs you attract/create evidential experiences that allow you to believe that you are “right”. You become “convinced”. So, say you have repeated thoughts that dogs are dangerous and bite. You begin to believe that dogs are dangerous and bite. Then a dog bites you and you are convinced that dogs are dangerous and bite. But, someone else can have the thought, beliefs and convictions that dogs are friendly and loving. Both of you will be “right”. What I’m saying is you can choose your thoughts, beliefs, convictions and reality. You are the creator, choose wisely!

Choose your Words Carefully

This could be a whole master class by itself. So I’ll just list a few words you should be careful about using due to the fact that they usually are unhealthy and disempowering you. (don’t use I can’t, I have to, I never will, I don’t have, I’m not [something positive], I am [something negative] I need, I want. Use I can, I expect [something positive], I intend, I choose)

If It Disturbs You, Change Your Mind

Anything that disturbs you is a clue. See it that way. Then look for the cause. Ask yourself why it disturbs you and when was the first time you experienced it. Often the answer is silly and nonsensical. It’s always something you think or believe. Then change it. Or at least stop or minimize your focus on it…

Evil Is NOT a Force

Understand that evil is NOT a force. What we call evil is just the lack of light. Like a shadow. As a shadow is the consequence of blocking the light, evil is the term for unconscious people that act against others. When you are conscious you cannot harm others because you understand that harming others ultimately harms yourself. Also, there is no need, because when you are conscious you have a high vibration and anything you need will manifest for you as you need it. This mind hack will help you move with more compassion towards the light.

How Big is Your Hate List?

Many people tell me about what they hate, what they dislike or what’s wrong. It’s like they have a cherished list that they are constantly updating with negative crap to share with others. This activity is usually done unknowingly.  This mind hack is easy; stop making and sharing your hate list and start creating and sharing your love list.

You Are Not Separate

You are not separate. Nothing in our universe is disconnected or separate. And, the more connected you believe you are the better you’ll feel. Beliefs of separateness makes you feel lonely. If you consciously cultivate your connections, you’ll appreciate life more and your life will generally improve. Meditation is a great way to improve your connection, consciousness and life.